Which is the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

There is no doubt that using end of tenancy cleaning service is the best decision you can make when moving out. That is, if you want to get your tenancy deposit back intact. Many landlords are unforgiving when it comes to having their properties in good condition. The landlord knows that any undue damage and dirt in the house will eat into his rent income.

That is why he is likely to raise a dispute and hold on to your deposit at the slightest hint that the house has not been cleaned properly when you are moving out. Relying on professional end of tenancy cleaners is always a smart idea. There are good reasons why professional cleaners promise to do a good cleaning job than you would in DIY cleaning.

  • Better resources

A professional cleaning service will have the manpower, equipment and material for professional cleaning. If there is dust on the ceiling, they will have the ladders to get to it. If there are stains on the carpet, they will have industrial bleach to deal with it. This is more than you can do with a mop and bucket.

  • Convenience

It is highly likely that you will want to go back to your old place to clean, after moving out. A cleaning service saves you the time and money. You engage the crew, have them clean and the landlord sends your tenancy deposit after confirming the house is in good order.

  • Less risky

Best End of tenancy cleaning involves risks such as working from high heights. By letting pros handle the work, you avoid these risks.

But how do you get the right cleaning agency, who will do a professional job and at affordable prices? You could use a few tried and tested tips to get the best end of tenancy cleaning services:

  • Relying on good referrals

If your friend or colleague at work has recently moved, you can ask for a referral to the cloning service. This way, you are not experimenting with bogus cleaners but tried and tested individuals.

  • Considering quality of work

You could get a cleaner service referral, but get that these cleaners’ quality of work has declined over time. It is important that you get 3-4 client referrals, and actually go and collect the quotations and hear what they have to offer.

  • Resources of the company

How many members of the cleaning crew are visible? How much equipment is visible? These are leading questions in assessing whether a client’s form is serious.

You can never go wrong with these 3 pointers.

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