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5 Tips For Moving Houses Easier

You will probably move houses several times during your life as a tenant. This is a fact of life. Moving houses is a necessary pain. There are tens of tasks to do and it can get a bit overwhelming. This is more so if you have to move house in a hurry, for example, for a job transfer or security reasons. This can get even more distressing if you were not very well financially prepared for the move. Luckily, you have the tenancy deposit to fall back on. But this is also dependent on how well you do your end of tenancy cleaning. Here are a few tips on how to make moving houses smoother.


There is a lot of sentimental junk that you don’t need to carry with you. That first trike can be donated to the children’s home. So can old clothes and other fabrics. Anything that can be easily replaced does not need to be packed. Decluttering can help reduce your packing space needs by as much as 50%.

Pack as early as possible

Last minute packing is inefficient and can take more space than you intended. Packing experts say that packing is a task that should be planned and started early enough. The trick is to start with the rooms that are not in use. This reduces the workload such that on moving day all you have to pack are the items you used on that day. Ideally, a 3-bedroom house should start being packed 1 month in advance, and a 1-bedroom house at least a week prior to moving.

Contact the movers

Using a moving service is highly advised if your house is 2-bedroomed or larger. The simple fact is that movers are professionals at the task. They have the manpower for the task. They also come with equipment like dollies and hoisters to lift and lower heavy items. Contacting movers early enough allows for better planning and coordination. The movers will tell you what they can and cannot do, and what they will need from you.

Do an inventory

Keeping an inventory helps you track of what has been packed and what has not. Keep an inventory list room by room with a naming system that helps you remember what item should go into what room. Tick off the items once you are in your new place.

Hire end of tenancy cleaners

End of tenancy cleaning is a standard requirement in your tenancy agreement. Plan with a cleaning service to do the end of tenancy cleaning service so that you can get your tenancy deposit refund.