5 Tips For Moving Houses Easier

You will probably move houses several times during your life as a tenant. This is a fact of life. Moving houses is a necessary pain. There are tens of tasks to do and it can get a bit overwhelming. This is more so if you have to move house in a hurry, for example, for a job transfer or security reasons. This can get even more distressing if you were not very well financially prepared for the move. Luckily, you have the tenancy deposit to fall back on. But this is also dependent on how well you do your end of tenancy cleaning. Here are a few tips on how to make moving houses smoother.


There is a lot of sentimental junk that you don’t need to carry with you. That first trike can be donated to the children’s home. So can old clothes and other fabrics. Anything that can be easily replaced does not need to be packed. Decluttering can help reduce your packing space needs by as much as 50%.

Pack as early as possible

Last minute packing is inefficient and can take more space than you intended. Packing experts say that packing is a task that should be planned and started early enough. The trick is to start with the rooms that are not in use. This reduces the workload such that on moving day all you have to pack are the items you used on that day. Ideally, a 3-bedroom house should start being packed 1 month in advance, and a 1-bedroom house at least a week prior to moving.

Contact the movers

Using a moving service is highly advised if your house is 2-bedroomed or larger. The simple fact is that movers are professionals at the task. They have the manpower for the task. They also come with equipment like dollies and hoisters to lift and lower heavy items. Contacting movers early enough allows for better planning and coordination. The movers will tell you what they can and cannot do, and what they will need from you.

Do an inventory

Keeping an inventory helps you track of what has been packed and what has not. Keep an inventory list room by room with a naming system that helps you remember what item should go into what room. Tick off the items once you are in your new place.

Hire end of tenancy cleaners

End of tenancy cleaning is a standard requirement in your tenancy agreement. Plan with a cleaning service to do the end of tenancy cleaning service so that you can get your tenancy deposit refund.


Which is the Best End of Tenancy Cleaning Service?

There is no doubt that using end of tenancy cleaning service is the best decision you can make when moving out. That is, if you want to get your tenancy deposit back intact. Many landlords are unforgiving when it comes to having their properties in good condition. The landlord knows that any undue damage and dirt in the house will eat into his rent income.

That is why he is likely to raise a dispute and hold on to your deposit at the slightest hint that the house has not been cleaned properly when you are moving out. Relying on professional end of tenancy cleaners is always a smart idea. There are good reasons why professional cleaners promise to do a good cleaning job than you would in DIY cleaning.

  • Better resources

A professional cleaning service will have the manpower, equipment and material for professional cleaning. If there is dust on the ceiling, they will have the ladders to get to it. If there are stains on the carpet, they will have industrial bleach to deal with it. This is more than you can do with a mop and bucket.

  • Convenience

It is highly likely that you will want to go back to your old place to clean, after moving out. A cleaning service saves you the time and money. You engage the crew, have them clean and the landlord sends your tenancy deposit after confirming the house is in good order.

  • Less risky

Best End of tenancy cleaning involves risks such as working from high heights. By letting pros handle the work, you avoid these risks.

But how do you get the right cleaning agency, who will do a professional job and at affordable prices? You could use a few tried and tested tips to get the best end of tenancy cleaning services:

  • Relying on good referrals

If your friend or colleague at work has recently moved, you can ask for a referral to the cloning service. This way, you are not experimenting with bogus cleaners but tried and tested individuals.

  • Considering quality of work

You could get a cleaner service referral, but get that these cleaners’ quality of work has declined over time. It is important that you get 3-4 client referrals, and actually go and collect the quotations and hear what they have to offer.

  • Resources of the company

How many members of the cleaning crew are visible? How much equipment is visible? These are leading questions in assessing whether a client’s form is serious.

You can never go wrong with these 3 pointers.

8 Reasons that Justify the Decision to Buy Nike LeBron Soldier Shoes

Are you looking for reasons to justify your decision for buying Nike LeBron Soldier shoes? Some people may not understand why you opt to spend money on these costly, exceptional shoes. Not that you have to justify your reasons for buying the shoes to anyone.

Nevertheless, the following reasons should give you some respite from people who doubt you.


First, the shoes feel extremely supportive. All top athletes appreciate the importance of solid support when playing and competing on the court. They don’t enjoy playing in shoes that offer nothing but the best support.

The shoes also guarantee excellent support to the ankle courtesy of their high-cut design.


Apart from the support, the shoes also provide the comfort players need to do well. Players have to be comfortable in what they wear if they are to perform at the standards required of them. The Nike LeBron Soldier shoes actually feel great in players’ feet.

Laceless design

What about its laceless design? That quality also stands out to players who value such quality in their footwear. With such a design, players are able to wear something that is not only functional, but also stylish and unique.

Ideal for larger explosive players

Bigger and explosive players will also enjoy playing while in these Nike LeBron Soldier shoes. The qualities that make the shoes perfect for these types of players are the excellent support and cushion.

Superb uppers

The shoes’ upper are also worth mentioning to anybody who doubts them. The uppers stand apart based on the sturdiness of the material they are made of. The soft materials used in the uppers make them comfortable. Moreover, the uppers don’t need any break-in time either.

Exceptional traction

Nike LeBron Soldier shoes have the most exceptional traction. The traction enables the shoes to grip the floors well. Consequently, players can wear and play in the shoes without worrying about slipping or suffering injuries during competitive games or while training.

Lightweight and properly ventilated

As you may have noted by now, this brand of shoes are comfortable to wear. They are light on the feet. They are properly ventilated too. The lightweight and proper ventilation enable players to run around in these shoes comfortably.

Perfect fit

Overall, the Nike LeBron Soldier shoes stand out for many solid reasons. They fit perfectly. They do not slide off while a player is running down the court to stop an opponent or play to the team’s advantage.

Players who wear these shoes to the court enjoy playing with a higher degree of freedom.

However, players who feel the need to can wear this brand off-court for a stunning look.

What are the Two Best Qualities of Nike LeBron Soldier Shoes?

Nike LeBron Soldier shoes stand out from the competition for many reasons. The shoes allow the wearer, especially athletes, to work more than their opponents. It allows athletes to exert their dominance over their opponents too. Each year, a new model of this brand of shoes enters the market. Over the years, the manufacturer has ensured that each new model is often an improvement on the previous one.

When looking for the best shoes to play in, your focus should be on:

  1. Materials
  2. Fit
  3. Support
  4. Traction
  5. Cushion

The shoes are made of the best and most durable materials.

They fit perfectly, even though this depends on the wearer’s preference.

The shoes offer proper support. It sits on the best platform that guarantee the great support.

As many qualities as this brand of shoes has, what are its two best ones?

Excellent Traction

First, Nike LeBron Soldier shoes stand apart from the rest on the issue of traction. Yes, it is true that all shoes have or offer proper traction. Nevertheless, some brands get this quality wrong. The excellent traction is great news for athletes who need shoes they can play and compete in without slipping or being extra cautious. This shoe ensures you play without unnecessary delays in your movement.

It prevents active athletes from second-guessing themselves.

All it takes to lose an important game is a moment of hesitation.

The slightest delay in your movement gives your opponents the window they need to stop you.

Excellent Cushioning

The cushion on the Nike LeBron Soldier shoes is of the highest quality. The improved cushioning in the latest model makes the shoe super bouncy. Consequently, you can move or jump up and down the court without feeling any hint of discomfort in your feet. The cushion makes the shoes more comfortable than ever. With such improved cushion, it is little wonder that the shoes are capable of compressing and moving a bit more effectively too.

The shoes are renowned for their solid impact protection. It offers wide-ranging versatility that makes the shoes ideal for any type of athlete. Smaller quicker players can take advantage of the sufficient court feel the shoes provide to play their best. The shoes offer better impact protection for the larger players too. All types of players will love maximizing the cushioning on these shoes to bring their A-game to the court.

The shoes suit players regardless of the position they play on the court.

The shoes are lightweight too so players don’t have to worry about heavy footwear.